photo credit: hercampus.com

When the spring comes on these tears,
I will cry no more.
The fountain of my pain will seal up,
And all the heartache will be gone.
A new life will burst out of this old shell,
And with joy my heart will swell.
My smiles will dance on mountains of ecstasy,
Singing songs from the sweetest kind of happy.
My eyes will see finally when they look,
A place that is full of love unshook.
When the spring comes on these fears,
I will look out unto a world without despair.
My tongue will speak boldly about a time,
About a when, about a then, and about a now.
Out of my belly will come out sweet laughter,
In the knowledge that I have been loved and longed after.



Photo credit: black awakening movement

I have tasted a piece of your soul,
Hooked, drawn,
I want more.
I have seen a glimpse of your soul,
in your kindness,
in your silence,
in your truth.
I have heard the sounds of your soul.
In your hearty laughter,
Within your voice’s timbre,
Inside your deep, long sigh.
I have felt a piece of your soul,
In the warmth of your embrace,
In the fire in your eyes,
In the taste of your lips.
I have seen your soul, and I am drawn.


photo credit: powerfulexecutivevoice.com

it feels like waves of truth flowing through my core,
A certainty,
A thing about which i’m sure;
This thing I feel for you.

It feels like solid earth beneath my feet,
Firm and unwavering;
This thing that binds me to you.

It isn’t fleeting,
Not a thing passing,
Not a thing depending on butterflies or rainbows;
This thing I’m holding on to.

It is trust;
You will catch me if I fall.
It is trust;
I will be the wind that pushes you on.
It is trust;
Built on a foundation of friendship.
It is trust;
Grown inspite of all the world’s hardships.

It feels like waves of truth flowing through my core,
Our identity, solid, uniform, strong.
We are the truth flowing at the core,
I am the me that makes your us.