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In the fields of abandonment, the space of desolation,
Grows bushes of love, dead and withering in their bloom.
Brown leaves, ashes in the wind,
Scattered about,

On the wings of regret, by the winds of neglect
Is carried all memories of a time when love was felt.
Borne on the sails of tragedy,
lost to forever misery,

In the deep silence of finality, the eerie ring of cruel reality
A harsh truth broods.
There was never a drop of love’s rain spilled,
Love could not have grown from this poisoned seed,
This was from the beginning, doomed.



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It’s hotter than a thousand degrees at the core of me,
A fierce rage aching to burst free,
To burn and scorch out all the hypocrisy
And find liberation in release.

It’s hotter than a thousand degrees inside of me,
Boiling, burning and not understanding,
How lies became the world’s currency,
And how we came to loose all integrity.

It’s hotter than a thousand degrees and I finally see,
That in the fiery embers, all truth live free,
Purified, refined and stripped of all false things,
Living in a state of honest bliss.


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I will look up to Him,
He who looks down at me with love in His eyes
And desires that I prosper in my body and soul
And His blessings doth shower.

I will trust in Him,
He who is most trustworthy,
And benevolent in never ending mercy,
Forgiving, even when in arrogance I am guilty.

I will cling to Him,
He who all life and living,
Love and healing,
Knowledge and wisdom springs from.

I will worship Him,
He who is deserving of all of my worship,
Removing me always from the evil one’s mercy,
To Him I give all my heart’s praises!


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Break the norms with me,
Show me your crazy.
Be yourself for me,
And I’ll show you my crazy.
Let’s break dance to the blues,
And hug in the rain.
Run away in your thoughts with me,
I’ll think of you with my luggage ready.
Speak the truth to me,
I can take it.
Hear the truth from me,
Don’t turn away, baby!
Don’t pick a rose for me,
I wouldn’t know what to do with it.
Don’t put up airs for me,
Don’t be phoney.
Sing a song with me,
Even when you don’t know the lyrics,
And I’ll sing it right with you,
Let’s murder music.
Play the fool with me,
And don’t worry about it.
I’ll be your fool too,
I know you’ve got me.
Let’s face scary weather,
Rough it out together.
Break the norms with me,
And I’ll be your baby !