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In the hallway of our truth, I waited for you.
I pined and whispered several prayers,
Always hoping to get to you.
To turn your heart this way,
To maybe make you say, ‘come in’.

In the hallway of our story, I had faith in you.
I thought each time I heard a sound that it must be you.
Opening the door a crack,
Rescuing me from the dark,
Pulling me to your side when you say, ‘come in’.

In the hallway our reality, I longed for you.
Many days and many nights I wished and brewed,
Many a half hatched plan,
Desperately futile plans,
All in my bid to hear you say, ‘come in’.

Alas it wasn’t meant to be,
You weren’t made for me.
So I picked myself up, found an exit. Left.
And when I was far gone,
You opened the door and said, ‘come in’.


Naturally Un-natural……….. co-authored by TohnieBond

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I look at her and my heart does a million tiny somersaults:
Of fear!
I get panicky in the moment and wish I could feel her thoughts:
Did she hear?!
Is what I feel for her now compassion or pity?
But I know chancing upon the other one was sweet, blissful serendipity.
It was like my first taste of Xtasy;
One hit and I kept coming back, ecstatic.
Don’t ask me why or how I suddenly became unfaithful.
For all I know I am having the time of my life and it’s just tasteful.
No one can ever be more discreet, nonetheless
For I carefully tie all loose ends and cover my tracks; can’t be careless
Now Val’s day approaches and I’ve got to have an alibi
I’ve just got to be with the side one and in her velvety slender arms I want to lie.

He thinks he’s smart, but I’m smarter.
He thinks I’m blind, that I can’t decipher.
But I see through him, I know.
I wonder which lie he’ll tell this time,
Which excuse he’ll give to leave.
He’ll maybe say it’s “work”,
Some urgent meeting. An emergency.
He’ll maybe “receive” an SOS call from a sibling.
Or maybe it’ll be the best friend,
Whoever he has changed her name to on his phone for the day.
But I’ll know. I always do.
I don’t bother though, he will pay.
He always does.
He’ll never leave, I’ll never allow it.
It’s almost val’s day, time to make a list.
A holiday somewhere exotic?
Gucci? Fendi?
Whatever baby wants, baby will get.
And then he will get away with his lie.

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domi-NO………….. by Faith Zubairu

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With the accuracy of a woman scorned,
The consistency of anything burned,
Broken, stripped and unadorned…
My only possession:
The beauty people are fooled to believe
Stems only from something so temporal,
Boring and shallow;
Anywhere but the inside…
My heart.

My heart larched onto yours.
Only though, where you saw a wall,
I saw doors;
Something to be loved;
Someone so beloved.
And so I was the only one holding on.
I pulled, pushed. I forced.
All that fuss…
Too much strength,
It cost much too much.
My heart heavy;
The burden heavier.

Your deep eyes revealed nothing to me.
I was so consumed, deceived,
For I thought I saw reflections of Cupid’s arrow.
Your words wore lies as ornaments.
And my only possession danced alone
Where two ought to be sown
Together; stronger than bone!

Words meant for me,
The same repeated to another.
Then it hit me,
Quite like that arrow of Cupid’s…
Like what empty rooms echo,
The words were not really mine.
I believed only echoes.
For I thought you said, “I love you”;
Alas, my heart only wished…

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HE SAID, SHE SAID………. Co-authored by Adam Archer

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He said:
So I looked at you, love in my eyes
My heart beating crazy; love personified
It’s all about the way I think about you; The way I feel diversified
You seem like my knightess divinified.
It’s not about the hair with which you wear,
Or the clothes with which you share,
But the light within your stare…
It’s the thing that you would bare.
Like your soul that you would share.
You are a strong woman with no despair.
Tell me something I would really want to hear

She said:
Every part of you is music, every part of you is light.
Your heart’s the melody in which my existence delights.
I will dance in the tunes of your fiery eyes,
And lay my soul bare at your voice’s command.
You are magic, you are rain,
You are the balm that soothes all my pain.
In a heartbeat I hear your soul sing,
In my heartbeat a harmony begins.
Do you see it?
The love in my eyes when I stare?
Do you feel it?
The love in my heart that I share?
You are my magic, my air
My light, oh we’re such a pair!