Baby steps

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On the horizon,
That faraway spot that I can see
Is a brand new person,
A brand new version of the old me.
And it seems I’m eager,
Waving gingerly at this me,
To see me get up,
Take the first steps towards a great story.
To see me rise above fear,
Anger, hatred, drama.
To take flight,
Spread my wings and find what courage is.
To land on hope, carried on the backs of hard work and goals.
To sail on faith, and dock only when I will not fail.
To be undaunted by mountains of pressure and threats.
To be unfazed, and live forever with a steady gaze.
I will make it,
To this place where I await me.
I will make it,
I’ll rise when I fall.
I’ll do it,
Everything, all.
I’ll become her,
The girl on the horizon.
I will conquer, I will win.
I will rise, I will soar.
I will stumble, I will learn.
I’ll make sure that I’m more than just the girl I was.
Every day, all day
Growing, changing
I will take baby steps until I become the girl waving gingerly at this me.