They say you are gone,
That I can no longer approach you with my intentions.
They say it is done,
The question’s been asked and answered;
A proposal accepted.
They say he’s presented a ring, and you’ve accepted.
They say it has a ridiculously large sparkling stone.
I feel bile rising in my throat,
And my airways tighten; I’m gasping for air.
They say it is panic, this frantic stirring in my spirit.
They say I came late.
That your heart’s his.
They say you are his.
They say that you are gone,
But how am I to go on?
If only I had spoken, said something.
A word, a sentence; anything.
They say that you are gone,
That it is done.


I Sold My Soul……………. By Jadedlulu

I sold my soul! Too many cheap things around me, where did they come
from?? I sold my soul! I must have been asleep when the years few by
because I cannot take credit for the things done in the recent past, not
possible! I sold my soul! How dare anyone insinuate that my life has come
this far without my consent, most certainly outrageous! I sold my soul!
Where am I?

For all the pretty things that caught my eyes, for all the wealth within my
grasp, how have I amounted to this pitiful state? Was I robbed by chance
or by fate? I demand an answer as this situation confuses me beyond
reasoning. Surely there must be some sort of explanation to all of these,
but will I get it? From whom? Was this self induced or just misfortune?
Surely I will get answer…will I?

I did not hear the sirens therefore I cannot allow my thoughts to stray
into uncharted territories but what if? Is it plausible that it was an inside
job? Oh no…that will simply be horrible…but yet very possible!
Hmmm…at this rate I will never get to the root of this.

For every penny spent, there was a price tag, how then were the pennies
acquired? Even more questions to be answered. Pretty, shiny and in
pink…how glamorous! White wine, red wine it must have been to have
cleared the mind of guilt. Coming to term is far more difficult than it was
described to me. It must be that I have sold that which was priceless to
I sold my soul….