I don’t usually write about stuff going on in my life, but I’m having all these interesting things happening in and outside of my head that I thought I should share. I started a diet a few months ago and I was sooooooooooooo excited. I’d gained quite a bit of beautiful extra flesh over the years and I was finally going to start doing something about losing my extra KGs besides wishing them away. So I started with this diet. It was a fruits and vegetable type diet with some exercising; can someone help me say yuck three times!! The diet had me eating ridiculous things and drinking some downright awful smoothies. Needless to say that me and that diet didn’t develop a lasting relationship!
Two weeks into that awful diet, I met a lady who introduced me to a different diet. A much yummier one. One where I get to eat all kinds of meats, butter, veggies, and many other reaaaally yummy stuff. So naturally I dumped diet A and started diet B. Diet B was awesome, and it works! Two weeks into diet B and I could already see visible changes to my body. My round face started to become oval-ish, my upper arms wiggled less when I clapped in church. I introduced exercise into my daily routine and boy was I pleased with the results!! Then I realised that all my clothes were becoming too big. So I had moved from one problem to another.
Nobody really tells you what to expect when you go on a diet. There are a few things I’ve found out you must prepare for when you decide to start any weight loss program, or at least these are the ones that I would have liked to have prepared for:

DISTRACTIONS: there are haters everywhere, you don’t believe? Go on a diet. People will discourage you, they will tell you that dieting doesn’t work and that you can’t do it. Ignore all of them, and just go ahead!

EXPENSES: if you’re going on a diet you need to be ready to spend! You will need to stock up on food that nobody else in your house is eating (trust me diet mede-mede is expensive!). Next you will need to buy new clothes because your old ones will start to look like you borrowed it from someone LARGER than you. If you are a lady I would advise that you get free dresses, they will help you transition easily.

CRAVINGS: you will miss ALL the food you can’t have, even the ones you never used to like. You will be tempted to eat everything you should be avoiding; dieting is not for the weak willed!

OUTINGS: your social life will change! When you go out with friends, you might not be able to eat or drink anything. Or you will have to drink water! Water is nice but sometimes a person just wants to drink some soda or booze. Sometimes you will feel like going home straight from work and boycott the social outings all together!

MOOD CHANGE: you will feel sexy!! Let me say that again YOU WILL FEEL SEXY! When u start fitting into old clothes again, your mood will change. You will become more confident, people will compliment you and it will feel good. Enjoy it, because you worked for it.

Well that’s all I can remember for now. If you’re going on a diet, have fun and good luck!


True Frame………….By Daniel Ofuani

It’s easier you know
In the movies you see
The picture is perfect
And the moments captivate
The wind blows at the right time
And the smiles are perfect
It’s hard you see
To live this moment
Despite the intent to please
The weather might fail
The rain it pours
Heavier and I’m cold
I’d take off my coat
Than plant a kiss on your cheeks
Rest assured, I’ll love to make those fantasies
Into your realities
Those smiles I hope to capture
And keep those dimples forever deep
I’ve got this picture in my pocket
with the brightest smile I’ve seen
and I get jealous you see
Of who captured this first hand
A lucky soul I can tell
To have seen those set of perfect white
I hope and pray
When I lock you in an embrace
That within my grip
You’ll forever stay
And in my arms you’ll see within my heart
the world I see with you by my side