Deeply Into You


You’re such a beautiful person,
Or at least this is what I see from all the way out here.
Your mind is a labyrinth of goodness,
Or so it seems from where I sit and stare.
You exude a calm that’s peerless,
A charm that’s priceless.
Or at least as far as I can tell!
If only you would drop the act,
Let down your guard.
If only you would actually let me in,
Let me see what’s within!
We’re an item, a couple.
Or at least this is what we tell people.
We are the perfect one too,
A love for the story books.
We are everywhere making lovey-dovey eyes,
Then we go home and our conversations end before they start.
We don’t know each other, you won’t allow it.
When we aren’t out with your friends,
Then we’re home with them
Or alone in our different homes.
And then I miss you, until I don’t.
And I haven’t in a while.
I was so into you,
But I guess you were more so than me.
Completely in your shell, into yourself.


Black Giggle Juice


Today my heart soars,
As I hear you cry,
Hear your heart roar.
As I watch you fall broken to the floor.

Today my heart jubilates
As the tears come running down your face
As your heart tears in a million ways
And you feel pain.

Today my heart rejoices
As you start to hear the whispering inner voices
As you question your sanity
And question all your choices.

Today my heart revels
In the steady force that is karma.
In the way that I didn’t have to lift a finger in this drama.
In the way that you got hit back; sledgehammer!

Today my heart glories
Because I know that finally you know how I felt,
As you watch her leave you for him
The same way you left me for her.

Today my heart is sated.
I didn’t know my pain had turned you into someone I hated.
But watching you hurt,
I feel totally compensated.