You make the pain go away.
Not permanently, but when you’re here I feel sane.
With your contagious smile,
You heal me.

You make the wound smaller.
It’s not a gaping hole when you’re here.
Because of you I can breathe, I can stand taller.
You heal me.

You make it worth it.
Waking up in the morning, living.
With your warm eyes,
You heal me.

You make the room smaller,
It’s not just space but home when you’re around.
With your aura,
You heal me.

You make loving possible.
You give it without question and demand it without words,
With your loving heart,
You heal me.




I can hear the song of freedom,
Wooheeha!! It says.
And when death asks who it is that dares defy it,
We are, we’ll say.
For our lives are not tied to our bodies.
Oh for sure we’ll live on.
In the songs of our praise,
And the tales of our fame,
Yes the world will remember our name.
I can hear the song of freedom,
Victory!!! It says.
For we lived and we died,
And we lived yet again
By the power of He who was slain.
And by His side we will be
Forever in glory
In a forever victorious reign.



These demons won’t go.
They’ve come to stay,
To stake a claim.
To claim you, to take you away.

These demons are raging,
Waging a war I don’t know how to fight.
They’re wielding a weapon I can’t see,
A weapon that cuts fast and deep.

These demons have blown the horn,
Sounded a war song.
A soul wrenching tune,
Squeezing your heart, stealing your life.

These demons have come to stay.
They came ready,
They stole you,
Took you away.

Love Lust


I want to watch you,
To see your eyes darken,
To watch them burn with the fire that I ignite.
To have them smolder; embers of passion.

I want to feel you,
Your taut muscles as you lift me effortlessly.
To feel your skin burn hot with your desire.
To feel the slight tremble of your muscles as desire surges through.

I want to hear you,
To hear your gasp of surprise when I lick and bite.
To hear your sigh of pleasure when I hit a sensitive spot
To hear the sincerity in your voice when you cry out my name.

I want you.