Black and white


Black eyes
White teeth.
Fine skin
My love
He keeps
With words
So sweet.
His heart
He gives
With ease
To me.
His love
Is mine
And mine
Is his.
I hope
To meet
His folks
This spring
And set
A date
To take
His ring
And then
Be his.

*this piece was written for the black and white 3 contest on and won third place 😀




All I hear is silence.
And it feels like ages since I’ve felt
Something other than pain and despair
Since the day that you left and then night fell.

All I see is the absence
Of you in the places where you always were
Doing things so awesome, so effortless
But now when I look, there’s no one there.

All I feel is nothing.
Nothing but pain and sorrow and some regret
For all the things we did, didn’t do and things we said
And now there’s really nothing left.

All there is now is emptiness.
My heart’s empty and in your heart,
There’s nothing left.
No love, no laughter; nothingness.

All there is now is nothingness.
No you,
No me,
This is the end.