Our truth was a lie, our reality many strands of carefully
Edited circumstances. We had taught our minds to
See what we wanted and ignored all else. We were a great team,
A well-oiled machine. We said things like “I’ll miss you dear” and
“I love you to the moon and back” knowing fully well that these words
Were temporary. They were meant just for the now. Later they would
Be meant for others, said in the same sincere way. They would be said
To our true partners.

Our lies were the truth. Every stroke and every caress heart felt.
Every kiss and every snuggle a gesture of profound emotions. We
Were lost. Lost to things beyond our control. Lost in the things that we
chose to not control. Or was it just lust?

We were perfect. Moving in a harmony that was almost satisfying. Moving
In a cycle of love and heart break. We were a mess. Jumping through windows,
Hiding in dark closets. Holding our breaths while the other spoke on the phone,
To the other or others and told them they were alone.

We were liars but we only told the truth. We told the truth to each other,
We told the truth to others. We told the truth to ourselves. We were liars.
We lied to each other with our silences. We lied to our significant others
With our doctored sentences. We were lovers, our hearts had space for
All that we chose to hold in them. We were liars. We were lovers.