love's pottery

There’s so much that we could have built.
So much that we could have created if only you had let us.
I had so much hope, so much faith.
I wanted so badly for you to make just one move,
And I would have run more than half way.
But you didn’t.
Uncertainty, indecision.
Moving forward, moving backward.
Now I’m moving away.
Like sands on a beach, our love was too loose to take shape.
Like sands on a beach, our love kept washing away.
Starting from nowhere every single day, we couldn’t mould it.
It wouldn’t stay.
And now I too must go away.
This isn’t what I wanted.
This isn’t what I asked for every day.
This isn’t what I wanted.
This isn’t what I asked for when I prayed.
I have a choice to make, and I make it today.
I choose life, I choose a love that breathes.
I choose hope, I choose to believe that he sees me.
I choose warmth, I choose that laughter in his eyes.
I choose joy, I’m going to dance with him under the stars.
I choose passion, to kiss him so deeply.
I choose him, I choose the love that he’s offering.
I choose him, I choose the life he plans with me.
I choose pottery, to build a whole future that will last for ages.
I choose clay.
I choose him.


Bright Black

Black bright_edit

Take it away dear friend.
Bring the end.
Bring peace, bring solace.
Take away everything else.

Come quickly dear friend.
Visit me, let’s meet finally.
Let me take your cold,cold hands in mine.
Take away the warmth in mine.
Take away time.

Walk with me dear friend,
In the lands that mortals fear.
Bring me away dear friend,
From this place where everything breathes,
From this place that is hell.
Take me away.

Bring the end dear friend.
Take away my breath.
Let’s meet for the first Time friend.
And finally let life end.