We met today. I can tell we’re off to a good start because it was
laughs and sparks. I gave you my number and my name. I hope that
you’ll call.
One week later and I’m not so sure about you. You say you want to
be friends, a little more than friends. But I doubt I can trust you, there’s
something I can’t name lurking in the shadows. It’s in your eyes when
you look at me. It’s in your smile. Hmm.
Three months in and I’m sure you are the one. I’m sure we will be
together forever. I feel like I’ve known you forever. Date nights are
so much fun; laughter, love, rainbows. Oh and you never miss a call.
Six months today and I wish you’d give me some space. You’re calling
every other hour, I told you before that I’m okay. Everyone knows
we’re a couple, we don’t have to go everywhere together.
Eight months now. You’re distracted, distant even. What’s going on with you?
You don’t call as often as you used to and your phone has a lock now
too. I miss you. I feel I may be losing you. Did I do this? Did I push you away?
Eleven months next Friday. I want out. I want out!! You didn’t think I would find
out? Well, then I guess you should have thrown out the foil wrappers. And hidden
your cheque book. And torn the hotel receipts. And cleared your call log. Yes I
know your password!!!

One year. Happy anniversary baby. I know it’s been a rough first year together
but all that’s in the past now. I understand you better now and our love has never
been stronger. What do you say we try another year together ups downs and all?




I want to love you in all the right places.
I want to kiss you in very nice places.
I want to love you for all the right reasons.
I want to love you in every season.

I want to hold you and touch the right places.
I want to be with you through all of life’s phases.
‎I want to be with you and hit the right base.
I want to hear you sing only my praise.

I want to be with you on your wackiest days.
I want to be your sanity, your quiet place.
I want to hold it down like a boss’s bae‎.
I want to be a bossette, your special lady.



There’s beauty in these ashes.
The letting go of emotional corpses.
There’s hope in the cinders.
In the fierce fires that have devoured.
There’s solace in this heat.
There’s peace in the cooling down.
In this end.
From these ashes will come something new.
There’s hope in these ashes.
In a beginning born from letting go.
A beauty from pain released.
There’s beauty in these ashes.
There’s hope.
There’s rebirth.
A heart broken.
A heart burnt.
A heart reborn.
A love restored.

The I don’t know dance


What are we?
Who are we to each other?
What is us?
What does the word mean when either of us says it?
What does it mean when neither of us can say it?
What is this?
What is this thing we are not naming?
What is this?
Is it love if we don’t acknowledge it?
How long will we stand and pretend we don’t hear the song our hearts are playing.
How long will we fight this?
How long will we stop this beautiful thing from evolving?
How long will your heart’s ache go untended?
How long will my heart’s call go unanswered?
When will we both grow up?
Why can’t we love like children?
How long will we stay guarded?
When will we stop being so careful?
When will we let go?
When will the answer stop being ‘I don’t know’?
Oh but there’s hope.
One day we will play.
One day we will laugh.
One day we will love.
One day you will be mine.
One day I will be yours.
One day we will be us.
I know this.
One day when your guard is down, I will creep into
Your heart and we will dance the song of forever.