The Vow………………Co-authored by Bond

the vow

A lot of promises were made over the years by both of us.
A lot of those promises we have kept.
Not a day in the past three years went by when I didn’t hope for this day to come.
This day when I pledge my love and life to you.
This day when I make this most important vow.

I do

Immediately I said those words, trepidation coursed through my arteries.
Will I be able to provide everything I’ve promised myself to provide for you, my love?
I do… I said those words and I meant them with every iota of meaning… I do.
You’ll forever be my boo

Though different, we fit perfectly into these shoes
Before everyone I make this solemn vow
My love for you will last plenty eternities, it just began here and now.


Rocking chairs………………….Co-authored by Jabbs

and always

Time is such a deliciously mysterious thing. When we were young he said:
I often lay awake at night.
I think about you
From your dimpled chin when you smile
To that evil laughter you have when you’re up to no good
I think about the times we’ve spent together
The times we’ve laughed
The times we’ve cried
And the time’s we’ve wanted to pull each other’s hair out
I think about the life we could have together… with all 8 kids
Sharing all my first times with you all over again
First child, first birthday, first day of school, first graduation and first grand child
And when the days come when we’re not as agile as we used to be
We’ll have two seats on our front porch
I’ll still call you my young girl
And love you until these old bones can no longer hold my soul
Always and forever
It’s thirty seven years and seven kids later and it still feels like the day he said it.
His love is still fresh, and it will be always and forever.

DREAMIALITY…………………………. Co-authored by Jadedlulu


Nothing could have prepared me for the day I met my first love. It wasn’t a day I
expected to meet magic, but oh my! When he came, there was no stopping the
surge that went through my heart. This feeling that was sharper and infinitely
more delicious than all of my fantasies.

He wasn’t anything like what I’d expected that he would be, I had drawn a picture
of my dream man you see. Bragged and boasted about him too.
He must be tall, handsome, romantic, I said.
A one woman man and if he has a car it’s a plus I told my friends, dreaming of my
first love. Cherry pink lips to practice kissing on, manners to please the folks, not
much of a big spender for me to learn how to save the pennies.

Now every girl dreams of what she wants her first love to be like.
Thick dark lips, just like your dark skin, the type our mothers describe as true
African. Not to my taste, if anything, not one I would have looked at twice. Oh but
I didn’t have to look twice because I was hooked from the first time.

When our eyes met, my heart stopped and the earth stood still. I ran my fingers
down the length of my pants and wished it would make it change to a pretty dress
for him to admire. If only I had worn makeup and maybe a more fashionable pair of
sandals. Oh and a dab of perfume too… oh my…my first love surely can see my
extra efforts if only it wasn’t all done in my head while struggling to take my eyes off him.‎

KACH$NG!!!!……………… YAYO

Another day, another 24 hours when we all pull stops to show that we really care about that special someone with a side note to do more than other couples are doing.
Make no mistake, it’s a competition – who boo try pass?- and people are usually out to draw blood. Lol, at the very least bankrupt said boo-ee. The borrowed idea of valentine’s day has gripped the world in a fantasy/ nightmare / sci-fi clusterf*ck! It’s amazing what people do just for these measly 24 hours.
Ladies I hail! We try! We too much ooo! I think my reasons for hailing you should not stretch the imagination. We have devised ways of making this day one of the worst in the year for our boyfriends, spouses and crushes, not to mention side dishes (this particular set of men actually deserve your slashing by the way) but aunties please nau! Stop what you are doing ooo.

Valentine’s day is not for gifts, sorry to burst that bubble but it’s true. Stop confusing val’s day for Christmas. It is not a day to take boo to the mall to get that highly expensive accessory ngwanu! It is not the day to sit and expect that this guy will spend his entire paycheck on you. Have a heart dear!
“I love you” doesn’t mean “please come and chop what I don’t have to give”. While it’s quite alright to give your loved ones ‘tokens’ that are used to commemorate this special day, we ought to understand that not all partners can afford to part with huge sums of money on frivolous things to prove they love you. Give that guy a break, cut that woman some slack.

Oftentimes it’s the men who feed this greed. Guys please put your money where your mouth is. Don’t be afraid of saying you don’t have. On general principle ‘the more you give, the more you get and the more you get the more you want’. It’s that simple, come clean and say this is what I have, not just for today but this is what I can part with. Also, I strongly suggest you know the kind of woman you are dating or married to. Don’t act shocked when she asks for that pricey thing when in the beginning you were lavishing with borrowed or stolen money. Women are not wired that way bro.

Ladies the guy you have should be your best friend and you should have his back ALWAYS! Don’t be that girl, the one that got the eggs and loose guarded the chicken. Go out of your way to do things for your men too. It may not be as expensive but it’s the thought that counts. Be that woman he flaunts, he’s proud of he’s not afraid to take out, the woman he can tell his problems because he knows she genuinely cares and can offer insight or even solutions and above all, his best friend- guardian of his secrets, hopes and aspirations.
It’s just 24 hours ladies, 15th will come around soon enough.

GOD’S GREEN EARTH…………………….by Jabbs

God's green earth

In the dark my eyes saw nothing but black.
A desolate world cold and unforgiving,
but with the rising sun came light and a warmth that
filled my soul to bursting with joy.
With the first rays that hit my face came sight.
A sight that one can only consider breath-taking.
Lush green fields as far as the eyes can see, flowers of all sorts and colours
blooming in the radiance of the sun.
A land untouched by man or beast fills the scenery as I witness from a distance.
As the sun climbs higher into the sky,
The land only becomes more alive.
Rich and Vibrant.
I stare in amazement thinking surely, such beauty is eternal.
But alas, the sun begins to set and so dwindles the once lush field.
I scream and beg the sun to stay in the sky but nature must
take its course until all that once shone lays dead before me.
Petals fall to the now brown grass and almost instantly rot away.
Light fades and with its departure, comes the cold dark world that I had once been in.
One that the beauty of the land had only made me loathe even more
I close my eyes and hope… No, pray that the sun would rise again and reveal the
land I would one day call my home and the warmth set my soul free again.
The darkness is cold and heavy but the sun is sure to come again
I hope the sun comes again…



Salty waters take me home,
Out of the land of my troubled soul.
Over the mountains of this great woe.
Out of the desert of my own sorrow.
Salty waters heal me through.
From all the pain of my heart’s wounds.
From the anguish of these troubled woods.
From the torture as my heart broods.
Salty waters wash me clean.
From the stains of these accusations smeared.
That my honour may be spared.
Salty waters take me home.

You Are

you are

More beautiful than the prettiest sunset.
More majestic than all the earth’s kings.
More glorious than the rising sun.
A father and friend to me.

More precious than the clearest diamond.
More amazing than a gushing spring.
More mysterious than the Bermuda triangle.
My saviour and soon coming King.

More loving than a mother’s heart.
More generous than nature’s bounty.
More trustworthy than the closest friend.
The lover of my soul for all eternity.