Everything I see reminds me of you.
I miss you.
Every time I play a song I think of you.
I love you.
Then my heart aches and my head remembers!
I hate you.
Every time I see people hold hands, I clench my fists.
I want you.
I take a breath and it feels like I’m suffocating.
I need you.
Then I remember the manipulations.
I hate you.
There has to be a solution.
I want to run to you.
But all there is to you is layers of illusion.
I have to stay away from you.
My head knows it, my heart knows it.
So why do they keep fighting it?
I miss you.




Don’t call a man humble until you have witnessed him in great wealth.
Don’t make a person your everything who will only make you his something.
Don’t cry on a happy day, there’ll be time enough for that on the sad days.
Don’t make a grab for all, give everyone a chance to get some.
Don’t be afraid of failure, there’s no surer way to get there.
Don’t forget your rights, there are too many people trying to steal them.
Don’t get angry too often, it isn’t fun.
Don’t forget to forgive, it’ll make your heart lighter.
Don’t forget to forget, not everything should be remembered.
Don’t get tired of giving, life shouldn’t be all taking.
Don’t betray your friends, they have dirt on you.
Don’t abandon your friends, you might need them soon.
Don’t drive recklessly behind anyone, they might have ABS when you don’t.
Don’t forget to live, life has no sequel.
Don’t try to be someone else, you can’t do them better.
Don’t forget to be yourself, no one else can do you better!