Stillness, the quiet of a breezeless day.
The soft rustling in the trees on a cool day.
The turbulence of a windy day.
The harmony of life.
The joy on a smiley face.
The pain in the eyes of a weeping face.
The serenity on a calm face.
The harmony of life.
The beauty of birth.
The struggles of life.
The sadness of death.
The harmony of life.
The hope at the beginning.
The acceptance in the middle.
The finality of the end.
The harmony of life.
Freezing, cold.
Tepid, lukewarm.
Boiling, hot.
The harmony of life.
The good.
The grey areas.
The bad.
The harmony of life.
The harmony of life.
The seeming hopelessness of a bad situation.
The oblivion in a good situation.
The harmony of life.
My heart glories in the knowledge that everything works together
to create the balance that is my world. The harmony of life.


EFAN’S GIFT TO JAY!……………………………By Efan


Oh you leach, but I’m the one holding firm.
I seek you after a long day
A hard day. A day when I just want to escape the world.

You succubus; I win I look to you. I draw I look to you. I lose I look to you.
Why do you give me this perfect illusion of comfort?

You old hag, you have been with my kind since we could record history and you have given all that love you adventures they hate, love, ignore and forget.

You deceiver, you have lost kings their thrones, given kids to men, taken families and driven the most expensive vehicles known to men.

Even made baby lose her jeans.
How dare you!!!!



There are chunks everywhere.
Raw and bloody chunks.
I can see them, red and gory.
Clawed out pieces.
I know them.
I know their origin.
I know their story.
They were once together.
Shaped prettily,
A heart?
Yes that must have been what they once were.
A heart. My heart.
It’s a broken mass now.
Chunks of history strewn on the ground.
Pieces of memories staining marble tiles.
It’s a broken mass now and the story is mine.
It’s a broken mass but feel it, I can’t. Sigh.