melted rocks

Rage, surging hot and new.
Deception, every word that came out of you.
Ridiculous, because I already knew.

Fury, rising high to the sky.
Magma, molten terror in my heart.
Ridiculous, because I saw it coming from a mile.

Anger, boiling bubbles to the top.
Confusion, how did everything change in a drop?
Ridiculous, everything good always stops.




Orbeat, Jaymaren’s orbit.
My gravity, my electronegativity.
My chemistry, and maybe my biology.
Oxytocin, when I see you my brain be producing.
My history, my future, my forever bae.
My hero, even when I’m a huge zero.
Boomerang; to you I’ll always come back when I go.
My origin.
My lover and my friend.
Good times and hard times,
On you I can depend.
Rock steady, your love is solid.
Unwavering, your candour is comforting.
My orb, my globe, my world, my galaxy.
Orbeat, my orbit you’ll always be.