the chase

I will run until you give me a reason to slow down to a jog.
One reason.
One really good reason that will convince me.
Give me a good one, or these feet will run.
Give me a good chase.
Run fast, show me you can win this race.
Maybe then I might slow down my pace.
Keep up, don’t slow down.
I need to know that you’ll be there if my wind runs out.
Give me a reason to slow down.
Show me that you’ll be there when I stretch out a hand.
Be consistent, don’t change now.
Give me a reason to and I will stop running.
I will stop and let you catch me.
I will hold your hand and let you guide me.
I will walk if you will it, but first give me a reason.




Where is the clarity?
What is the purpose?
When will there be a moment of epiphany?
What is this struggle?
What are these hurdles?
Is there really something to learn from these puzzles?
Where are the pointers?
Where are the direction arrows?
How am I to know which path I should follow?
Who am I today?
Who will I be tomorrow?
Is there space for me in the world’s pictures of the future?
Who will pick me when I fall?
What is right and what is wrong?
Will there come a time when they will both blend into one?
What’s with all the killing?
Who will save the world we live in?
Have we really lost all of our feelings?
I hope that there are answers.
I pray we find love’s gravity again someday.
And I really hope we find it before the day when it’s too late.