Hip! Hip!! Hurray!!!



Where has all the time gone?

When did I become so grown?

Or would the right word be old?

Is it really a year since I last blew out candles atop a cake?

Is it really a year already?

Should I feel different?

Do I look different?

When did my body change this much?

Where did all these pounds come from?

How did everything continue to feel the same when everything was changing?

Who is this person that I am today?

Was I this same way just yesterday?

How did I not notice the changing in the way I think?

Is blue still blue and pink, pink?

Maybe I do look different.

Maybe I’ve changed in the way I think.

It makes no matter,

My heart is still a-flutter.

So now I’ll blow the candles and slice away,

Because it’s my birthday!


WITHIN ME……………………………… by Efan


Time has come, I am sure of it.
I don’t know what is coming, but I know it has arrived.
The feeling is so strong that I know it is time, but time for what?
For death?
The end of everything?

Maybe the time hasn’t come maybe it’s not the end and not even time for change.
May be I just need to look at myself and figure out what is wrong and deal with it
and not to believe it’s some supernatural event about to take place.

The truth is I am the epitome of sin.
I am the actions you were warned to avoid.
How I pity them who love me,
who call me brother,
who call me friend.

There is no need to hide anymore.
I am what I am.
I am wrong.
I am the conceptualisation of ugly and all that is bad.

So come death why wait.
Have I not done more than enough to all around me, showing the deception of beauty but evil in every sense?

So whatever is coming, come. I wait and hope I go home.